ERP in Education: Pros and Cons

We live in a world of computers; technology has changed the way we perceive, we live, towards better. And education is one such domain where technology has changed the way it is delivered, a completely different way from what it used to be. Apart from the various new learning techniques like online courses and smart classrooms; technology has significantly simplified the management of educational institutions.

ERP implementation has been revolutionizing the institutional management for quite a sometime now; helping institutions to improve their working and make them manageable and more lucid.

Though ERP is not an all new concept; a widespread demand for computing concepts has led to an increasing popularity for ERP solutions in educational institutes as well.

What gives ERP an edge over traditional method of management?

The answer is two things:
1.    Time, and
2.    Efficiency

Managing and tracking finance in an institution is a tedious task, especially if done manually. Moreover, management of other basic operations such as inventory, HR and other services appear a complex task. Educational ERP implementation ensures an institution functions to its maximum potential.

Benefits of an education ERP system:
•    Cost effective
•    Better organization of data
•    Data is secured
•    More automated administration
•    Faster management process
•    More focus on education

Limitations of an education ERP system:
•    ROI (Return on Investment): When ERP implementation does not yield enough ROI, it can prove to a failure.
•    Implementation & Maintenance: Cost, planning, implementation, configuration and customization of ERP can scale too much for small profit-driven schools.
•    Usability: Most of the ERPs are difficult to learn or use. Complex user interface may require training and complete participation of users.

Indeed, the right time has come for educational institutions to go the smarter way. Re-organize your management systems to match the ever-evolving technology in every aspect of your life and institute.